Radu Uszkai wrote about the ethics of literary translations alluding to some implications of using AI for in the process in his “Cine merită să o traducă pe Amanda Gorman? (Who deserves to translate Amanda Gorman)”

  • Institut Français de Timişoara – Nuit de la philosophie, June 25, 2021. Where do you see yourself in 5(0) years? On the Human-Robot Interaction and ethics of the future, public event @ Faber. With  Radu Uszkai & Mihaela Constantinescu

  • Radio România Cultural (national radio station), Izvoare de filosofie radio show, May 21, 2021. With Mihaela Constantinescu, in dialogue with Cornel Moraru

  • Radio România Cultural, Timpul prezent radio show, May 12, 2021. With Radu Uszkai, in dialogue with Adela Greceanu, Matei Martin.